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After 8 years of writing a sporadic blog as the Parkinson’s Coach, I have decided that I need help. Lot’s of it.

If you’ve looked at most of the resources available online, you will see a strong medical and organizational spin to the material presented. It is nearly always the product of experts who can address the nuts and bolts of PD but do not typically tackle the hard questions. These resources tend not to make use of the common sense and experience of men and women who are living with the problem.

It is this vast and virtually untapped body of knowledge I hope Parkinson’s World will bring to my readers. Oh, I will pontificate about how our collective focus is too riveted on cure rather than trying to live with the disease but I am inviting you to submit pieces (250-1500 words) about your experiences, challenges, and frustrations with the disease. Artwork and photographs will also be nice. I have discovered that PD has a fascinating capacity for giving birth to creativity in many people who simply never had time to express themselves.

The upside is that we just might be able to get more information out there about how everyone from the person with PD to the partner, children, and employers can live better with the disease. The downside is, that at least for now, I can’t pay you for your hard work and experience. Think of any contributions you make as being a lot like speaking up at a support group.

I hope that those of you familiar with what I have done will assist me in trying something new in our efforts to tame PD and its effects on use all.

Warmest regards,

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