About The Parkinson’s Coach Website

The Parkinson’s Coach Website is intended to provide information that may be helpful for people who live with someone who has the disease. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Rather, I hope the material contained here may cause reader to think in new ways about how important the family is to quality of life for men and women who have Parkinson’s disease.

Because I am taking the perspective of the person/family who loves someone with PD and is trying to live, the writing is not specifically intended for people with the disease. While my work may provide insight to those with PD, the insight is likely to be that of taking a different perspective, that of their loved ones. Nothing is meant to be offensive or insulting to people with PD and I hope what I say is taken in the spirit of making the Parkinson’s experience easier for everyone.

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Beating Parkinson's One Family at a Time