Dr. Paul’s Price List

Individual Coaching Sessions by phone, Facetime, Webex, or in Person

Initial consultation is Free
One hour session is $125.00
5 one hour sessions $500.00 (20% discount = 1 free session)

You are a unique person and this means there is no single best way to respond to the challenges of PD. If you would like to receive a personality assessment to help you understand how your personality traits are affecting your response to Parkinson’s, Dr. Short offers the NEO Personality Inventory. This well-validated personality test is used in both industry and coaching work to help identify the 5 broad personality factors that research has shown to capture human personality differences. Each factor has six facets that help fine-tune your understanding of who you are and how you interact with others, structure your world, and manage personal challenges.

All credit transactions will be charged a 3% processing fee

If you would like to pay by check or money order, please mail to the following address:
Dr. Paul Short
9881 Broken Land Parkway #105
Columbia, MD 21046

Effective April 25, 2014

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